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Radu Beligan in “The Immortal” by Mona Radu

The theatre performance of „The Immortal” will have its premiere on 4th of March, beginning with 4 pm at Teatrelli, No 7, Alexandru Lahovary Square.


Director: Dan Tudor

Text: Mona Radu

With: Radu Beligan, Maia Morgenstern, Marius Bodochi

and Ana Maria Lazăr, Adriana Guluțanu, Raluca Straia, Ramona Olteanu

Original Score: Vlaicu Golcea

Stage Movement: Florin Fieroiu

Scenography: Corina Grămoșteanu

Scenography Assistant: Iulia Popescu


The next performances will take place on the following dates: 5th and 6th of March – beginning with 4 pm, 9th of March – 7 pm, 11th of March – 4 pm, 17th of March – 5 pm.

Tickets are available on our site or by phone reservation at our box-office: 0735 560 692.


We are waiting for you to join our show!

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