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B Cause celebrates the World NGO Day

The most important 20 international days which have marked our evolution and that of our contemporary society are visually transposed in collages and presented during B Cause exhibition – a collage of global causes. Among them we may count the World Day of Non-Governmental Organisations, celebrated yearly on 27th of February. B Cause exhibition is a concept of Creionetica Agency and it can be visited until 2nd of March, at

Simbio attic (No 26, Negustori Street).

The World NGO Day, 27th of February, is a historical date for the third sector of the world. Despite first time being mentioned 65 years ago on the occasion of a United Nations reunion, this day has not been widely accepted or promoted. Every year, this event celebrates the importance of non-governmental organisations and put value on people who form and develop such kind of non-governmental organisations.

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