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Comedies with Gorobete

Familia Gorobete

Comedies with Gorobete, by Radu Gabriel

The premiere of the show „Comedies with Gorobete” will be performed on 27th of August, at Teatrelli. The play is written and directed by Radu Gabriel.

„Urged by the public success of the show Comedy Philharmonic at Creart – Teatrelli, we wrote a collage with the best moments of Gorobete Family for the same exceptional team of actors”.

First shown on the small screen, Ilie Gorobete,the true-born peasant,waggish, belonging to the old school, represents a very popular character, but unfortunately for him, with a short life on TV. So, we have decided to bring him back in front of the public, on stage now, alongside the world of the Romanian village, a world full of fun and ingenuity.

A series of small stories of an irresistible sense of humour, set inside the refined atmoshpere offered by Teatrelli Hall, this is what we propose you with our new premiere play „Comedies with Gorobete”. Our bet is that you’ll laugh every one minute during this show. We, the actors on the stage, will do our best to win this bet.

Casting : Radu Gabriel, Marius Florea Vizante, Gigi Ifrim, Maria Radu, Leonid Dimov, Mihai Munteniță, Alina Suărășan and Anca Dinicu.

We invite you to enjoy a new comedy at Teatrelli!

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