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The City of Good Acts, 2nd edition

The City of Good Acts is installed in the University Square!

Radio ZU, in collaboration with Bucharest City Hall and creator, places ON AIR urban and human experiment, City of Good Works, second edition. The event starts from the premise that any desire deserves to be fulfilled, and any of us can do a good deed.

From 17 to 23 December 2017, in the University Square (Esplanade with statues), the first city will be built in which all those who want to do good, but also those in need of help will be invited. For a week, Radio ZU DJs will be ON AIR 24 in 24 hours. Mihai Morar, Daniel Buzdugan, Răzvan Popescu, Flick, Adi Mihăilă, Raluca Ionescu, Emma and Tea Teodorescu will live non-stop throughout the ZU studio in Good City.

Here, in the city of music and the magic of celebrations, ZU stars will have the mission to gather all the wishes of the Romanians, promote them and facilitate their fulfillment. Regardless of their size, small or big wishes, they will all be presented to the public, and along with sponsors and celebrities, we bring the holiday magic to as many homes in Romania as possible.


Radio House ZU – the home of quality music and fulfilled desires

The City of Good Works Center is the ZU Radio House, a mobile studio built in the form of a house with a completely transparent side, over which the broadcast area and a relaxation area for DJ ZU Radio will be arranged. The building will also have a bedroom, toilet and other facilities.

Djs ZU in the house will organize various surprise actions for fundraising, unprecedented challenges that will put their resistance to the test. Every day, the ZU House will enter the coolest stars who will be able to get involved in the urban experience. They will be invited to donate their personal belongings to participate in an auction of good deeds and at the same time they will be in a position to accept the most challenging challenges to meet the desires of people in need.

For the show to be complete, next to the studio there will be a scene where the concerts of our most famous stars, carols and many other surprises will be heard every night. All actions scheduled and scheduled for this week will be built to raise funds to meet as many desires as possible. The funds can be collected through: SMS to 1815, bank transfer, money donations in the UBB located in University Square.

The partners who joined the project are: Enel, E-distribution Muntenia, Carrefour, Styland, OVN Live Streaming, Unlimited Communications, T-Shirt Factory, RNT Internet, Moving Box, Feerie by Denisa Rogowsky, Okapi Sound, Cat Music, Roton Music, Global Records, Green Eye Music, Forward Agency, Hahaha Production, Apa Nova.

#The City of Baptism is in Bucharest for a year, consecutively. As a balance sheet of the first year, the event made no less than 350 good deeds last year.



Programul concertelor din Orașul Faptelor Bune, îl găsești mai jos:
Duminică – 17 decembrie, 19:30 – 22:30
Jo și Rina
Edward Sanda
Luni – 18 decembrie, 19:00 – 22:30
Lidia Buble
Alina Eremia
Alex Velea
Carla’s Dreams
Marți – 19 decembrie, 19:00 – 22:30
Andra Gogan
Maria Nicole
The Motans
What’s Up
3 Sud-Est
Iuliana Beregoi
Miercuri – 20 decembrie, 19:00 – 22:00
Trupa Feelings
Fly Project
Nicole Cherry
Grasu XXL & Guess Who
Joi – 21 decembrie, 19:00 – 22:17
Elena Gheorghe
Ioana Ignat
Noaptea Târziu
Liviu Teodorescu
Vineri – 22 decembrie, 19:15 – 22:15
Prestige Orchestra
Sâmbătă – 23 decembrie, 18:00 – 20:33
Nicoleta Nucă
Irina Rimes
Hai să facem fapte bune! Te așteptăm în oraș!

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