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Loyalty Cards

   Loyalty Card*


  1. When you buy a ticket, you will receive a loyalty card stamped on the back with the Teatrelli
  2. When you buy another ticket for any of our shows, a new stamp will be applied. This new stamp offers you the right of a drinking discount of 10% at our bar during the corresponding night. ***.
  3. When you cumulate 3 stamps, you will receive a gift on our part.
  4. When you reach 4 stamps, you will enjoy a new surprise and receive the Silver Loyalty Card.


Silver Loyalty Card*

  1. When you buy a ticket after receiving the Silver Loyalty Card, you will have the first stamp applied on your new card.
  2. After applying the second stamp, you will receive again a 10% drinking discount ***.
  3. When you cummulate 4 stamps, you will receive the right to free entrance (if you are accompanied by another person who pays the ticket) to one of the performances held at Teatrelli Hall**** and the Gold Loyalty Card.


Gold Loyalty Card*

Gold Loyalty Card offers you a 10% drinking discount PERMANENTLY at the bar *** and the possibility to free entrance to ANY **** of the shows held in Teatrelli Hall if you are accompanied with another person who, obviously, will pay for the ticket.

 * In order to benefit from the advantages of the Loyalty Cards, it is necessary for you to buy the tickets from the box-office at creart headquarters or show your ticket bought online or from the Eventim selling points to the Teatrelli Hall personnel.

**Please show your ticket to the bar personnel.

 *** For you and your companion/companions.

 ****Within the limit of the available seats and upon a booking made at Teatrelli Hall.


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