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Exhibitions – Creart gallery

creart Gallery’s Halls hosts painting, photography, illustrations and street art exhibitions, thus supporting young artists by making available the most adequate space in order for them to exhibit their works and interact with professionals from other branches.

The main target is to organize various exhibitions, as an authentic launching platform for artists who have managed to be worldwide appreciated and an adequate instrument to encourage young artists at the beginning of their career to interact with their consecrated fellows.

  1. The first exhibition at creart location in Alexandru Lahovari Street was represented by the itinerant photography exhibition entitled “Inspired by Bucharest”, held between 16th September and 20th October 2013. It collected the best 12 photographers’ works who took part in the contest organized by the website – “Top 15 the most beautiful pictures of Bucharest”. The exhibition works unrevealed the beauty of an unpredictable, dynamic and colorful city. A city of contrasts where each dweller vibrates, feels and lives differently, a permanent source of inspiration.
  2. Pop Cult Ego”, illustrations and street art exhibition represented the second one hosted by creart and took place between 29th October – 17th November 2013. the works presented were signed by 11 artists: Pisica Pătrată (Alexandru Ciubotariu), Matei Branea, Noper (Radu Pop), KITRA (Nicu Duta), Sorina Vazelina (Sorina Vasilescu), Andy „Sinboy” (Andrew Luke), Potop (Șerban Mocanu), Noni (Florin Mos), Giorge Roman, Lia Bira and Ionuț Popescu.

The purpose of creart is to offer an exhibit platform dedicated to younger creators who have become appreciated and respected thanks to their art.

  1.  Between 2nd December 2013 and 2nd February 2014, creart Gallery hosted the exhibition called “Illustrated Christmas” with works belonging to 11 Romanian artists, members of the Illustrators’ Club: Stela Lie, Adriana Oprița, Sebastian Oprița, Bianca Hațeganu, Emanuela Balint, Veronica Neacșu, Luminița Dumitrache, Margareta Udrescu, Oana Ispir, Mihaela Paraschivu, Alexandra Rădulescu. The exhibition curator was Stela Lie and her two assistants Adriana Oprița and Sebastian Oprița. The grown-ups and the little ones were invited to discover or rediscover the world of stories by admiring original board illustrations inspired from fairy-tales and realized right by the members of the Illustrators’ Club.
  2. On the occasion of this year’s Easter holiday, the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest organized the exhibition “Soul and color”, between 25th March and 25th April 2014, at creart Artists like Ileana Hotopilă, Radu Dincă and Florin Poptean exhibited their works together in the same space. This event was an homage paid to traditional art, imagined as a link between past and present, between creator and looker, an opportunity of visual delight by admiring eggs decorating, icons and wooden objects.
  3.  creart organized the popular costumes exhibition “Garment like a mystery” held between 17th June and 12th July 2014.

This complex event was the result of the professional collaboration between Dr. Elise Stan, musicologist, ethno music expert, TV shows creator and Dr. Doina Dascalu Isfanoni, art historian, ethnologist.

The exhibition held at creart Gallery reunited about 15 pieces of traditional Romanian costumes highlight the patrimony value of the popular costume, exhibited nowadays in museums as a source of inspiration for traditional music interpreters or for the costumes created by famous national and international fashion designers .

  1.  11th to 31st August 2014, creart organizes a painting exhibition belonging to the well-known painter Costin Craioveanu.

The painter is known mostly for works describing public persons from our country and abroad. He sold over 3,000 works worldwide and exhibited in some notorious locations from Great Britain. His thirst for originality and non-conformism made him one of the most famous contemporary Romanian painters. Avant-garde style and vivid colors occupy a significant part in Costin Craioveanu’s creation and remind us the pop-art style of the sixties.(Andy Warhol).

This exhibition can be visited daily, 12th to 31st August 2014, between 10 am and 6 pm, the admission is free.

  1. The exhibition “Five French architects in Bucharest” by Răzvan Teodorescu, 9th-30th September 2014.

Thanks to its great success in Morocco, this exhibition came to our public in Bucharest on the occasion of the anniversary of 555 years since we have the first documented mentioned of our Capital.

Hence, during 8th to 30th September 2014, creart will host at its headquarters in Bucharest pictures presenting a series of objectives from our city conceived by French or of French origin architects at its headquarters in Bucharest, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Academician Răzvan Teodorescu. The exhibition presented five architects of French expression such as Paul Louis Albert Calderon, Cassian Bernard, Alfred Jules Paul Gottereau, Albert Balu, Louis Blanc. They were inspired by 16 objectives from our Capital: Romanian Atheneum, Carol I Royal Foundation Palace, BNR, The CEC Palace, The Science House, The Post (History Museum), Bucharest Stock Exchange, palace of the National Military Circle, Bulevard Hotel, Casa Capsa Hotel, Grand Hotel Continental, University of Bucharest.

  1. Between 24th of November and 20th of December 2014, creart Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition, Municipality of Bucharest organized the exhibition „Three Kings Gift”.

In this period, creart Gallery represented a cultural attraction of authentic iconography art, being the host of a beautiful exhibition including traditional laymen and religious art.

Important artists of Romanian iconography, who have managed to impose Christian values in art all around the globe, have been reunited:


Important personalities like Prof. Dr. Ethnologist Doina Isfanoni and musicologist Dr. Cleopatra David spoke about this event.

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