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stillMapp Picture Competition 2016 Registration Forms

You may sign up for the international photo and visual arts competition stillMapp Bucharest 2016, organized by creart – The Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition, Municipality of Bucharest, in partnership with Maxin10sity Ltd. – as Artistic Curator and 360 Revolution Srl – Technical Producer.

The organizers would like to propose a contest aiming to promote the interaction between local culture and Romanian and international artists, consequently the participants may reside in any country of the EU.


In 2016, the greatest video mapping show of the world will be dedicated to interactions. The event will talk about dialogues. We shall imagine a show as a brilliant conversation between The Palace of Parliament and ten thousand people gathered in front of it. Pictures loaded with profound meanings will build a powerful connexion between artists and their public.

Image can be any kind of self-interpreted concept. It can be abstract or figurative, realistic or symbolical. It may represent an intimate and personal declaration of an artist towards the audience or it may become part of a large narrative structure, enclosing the city and the whole world. The only mandatory element: there must be a conversation, not a monologue.

iMapp Bucharest celebrates the artistic and cultural life of our Capital. We strongly believe in the artistic freedom although we do not condone any type of political message or social activism. We will not allow any offensive or inappropriate content.


Each European resident can sign up for this competition, mentioning the following technical specifications:

  • a static image
  • PNG format
  • 7680×2000 resolution

All applications must be send to the following address:

The 2D model of the building façade is available to each participant here

Deadline: 31th of August 2016, 23:59 EET

Any application received after this date will be declared null and void.


Eligible persons can enter this competition, without regard to profession, age, sex, citizenship or residence, as each participant can participate in a contest individually or as a team. The persons under the age of 18 need the prior consent of their legal guardian.

When the participation includes a team, there will only be one individual designated as a contact person, thus becoming the sole responsible for the communication with the organizer.

This competition is opened both to professionals and amateurs.

All the participants can only apply with their own original works. In case a participant enter the competition with new works which do not belong to him/her, the application will be invalidated and the respective individual will be disqualified at once. If this situation is to be confirmed after the event, all the awards will be retrieved and the prize shall be returned. By completing the registration, the participants grant that their works do not infringe copyright and respect the intellectual property of any third party.

The registered work must comply with the above mentioned conditions, in the section ”Technical Information”.

It is strictly forbidden to introduce any type of advertising messages, real or fictional, in the presented work, either in a direct, indirect or subliminal manner; e.g.: it is strictly forbidden to reproduce any products, brands, logos, names or recognisable images, texts etc., as well as any kind of symbols suggesting the author’s affiliation.

All the applications that do not comply with this criteria shall be rejected automatically.


All the validated registration forms remain in their own property. By registering their works, the participants agree that these works or parts of them may be used for promotional purposes without any supplementary costs in relation to the iMapp Bucharest competition. Examples of such activities including but not limited to press releases, public relations activities, online advertising and social media promotion or any other articles.

The organizer cannot be held responsible for potential related copyright infringements when using animations registered in the contest. Supplementary, all the participants expressly agree that their final works may be used during the future projections for the next iMapp editions.

Selection Criteria:

Maxin10sity, as a curator, will decide upon the works which are eligible to enter the competition.


  • a creative concept
  • technique
  • implementation



Each participant agrees to all relevant terms specified in this regulation.


A prize of 1000€ shall be awarded to the best project of the contest.

The winner will be designated by an official jury of the iMapp Bucharest 2016.

The most valuable works will be included in the competition and they will be projected at iMapp Bucharest 2016, on 24th of September, on the façade of The Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest.

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