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Open Workshops in Bucharest, Enescu Edition – Weekend 16/17 September 2017

The program and addresses of the workshops, maps and profiles of participating artists during the third weekend (16/17 September 2017) of Open Arts Workshops in Bucharest, Enescu Edition, are available at Ateliere.Net. In addition, you can download the free Smartphone Workshop, published on IOS and Android platforms, which offers the opportunity to directly contact artists and GPS guidance to the addresses of the selected workshops.

The Special Edition of Open Workshops in Bucharest is organized by Contemporary Artists, under the auspices of the George Enescu International Festival, within the Creative Bucharest section. The event is carried out in partnership with the City Hall of Bucharest through the creator, with the support of Romgaz and Metrotehnica – Skoda.

The artists who await you at the addresses of their workshops on the weekend of 16/17 September are:

Adrian Pîrvu (sculpture), Alexandru Căzănaru (sculpture), Alin Florin Carpen (sculpture), Ana Asavei Pietraru (painting), Ana Zoe Pop (sculpture), Anca Vintila Dragu (ceramics), Andrei Marina (sculpture, graphics), Andrei Romocean Carmen Paraschivescu (graphics), Carmen Rasovszky (painting, graphics), Casia Csehi (graphics), Cătălin Geană (sculpture), Catalin Hrimiuc (glass), Catalin Oancea (sculpture), Claudia Muşat Constantin Dumitru (textile), Cristian Pentelescu (sculpture), Dan Stefan Minea (painting), David Leonid Olteanu (pottery, glass), Dumitru Pasima (sculpture), Elena Gheorghe (sculpture), Elena Surdu Stănescu Emilia Persu (painting, graphics), Florentina Voichi (painting), Horia-Andrei Nitu (painting, graphics), Ileana Dana Marinescu (metal), Ileana Oancea (sculpture, metal) Medruţ (sculpture), Iulian Virtopeanu (ceramics), Lisandru Neamţu (painting), Loredana Stancu (painting), Maria Cioata (ceramics), Maria Sanda Constantinescu (glass, metal), Marian Zidaru (sculpture), Marilena Preda Sânc Textile), Mihai Moldovanu (textile), Mircea Roman (sculpture), Mirela Hagiu (graphics), Misha Diaconu (metal), Nicolae Moldovan (pottery), Otilia Măndescu Canavra (graphics), Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu (painting, Dumitran (textile), Titi Ceara (sculpture), Valentin Duicu (sculpture), Victor Olivier Sararu (glass, metal), Victoria Zidaru (sculpture, textile).

Access to workshops is free. For groups or guided tours, you can contact us at 0723 825 800 or at your email address

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