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The Million, the nieces and the millionairess

By Ken Ludwig

Starring: Adela Mărculescu, Ștefan Velniciuc, Cosmin Seleși, Lucian Ghimiși, Raluca Ghervan/Adelina Toma, Valeria Stoian, Adrian Gheorghe, Alexandru Prica, Vlad Lință/Timotei Grămesc

Director: Serban Puiu

Scenography: Luana Drăgoiescu

This adaptation of “Leading Ladies” is a boulevard comedy treating Shakespearean themes converted into savoury comic situations. Shakespeare’s typological characters are evolving inside a “théâtre de boulevard” framework, while comic situations come to life on the canvas of a Shakespearean plot.

The author selects the best out of a boulevard comedy and a Shakespeare play, creating a unique text, an original script with an unlimited comic potential, giving each actor the opportunity to exceptionally perform on stage. This is the reason why I chose this text, as a director – I wish to offer every fellow actor the joy of performing some wonderful comic roles.

Several generations of actors will meet here for this show, while young actors at their debuts are playing alongside their renowned and highly experienced counterparts. Students (Adelina Toma, Alexandru Prică, Vlad Lință and Timotei Grămesc), debutant actors (Valeria Stoian, Adrian Gheorghe), young actors (Raluca Ghervan), deeply matured artists (Cosmin Seleși, Lucian Ghimiși) and veteran stage actors (Adela Mărculescu, Ștefan Velniciuc).


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