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Love Letters by AR Gurney

Oremiere: Ianuarie 2017

With: Mariana Mihuț and Victor Rebengiuc
A Show by
Mircea Cornisteanu
“Love Letters” by A.R. Gurney has always been one of the most frequently performed plays for two actors all over the world. An emotional and deeply humorous epistolary novel written by this American author which has been interpreted by various couples of renowned actors, especially film actors who wanted to prove their skills in theatre acting.
Mariana Mihuț and Victor Rebengiuc didn’t have to accept my proposal for this reason as they no longer need to prove how great and talented they are in movies and theatre as well. They have simply chosen to tell a love story beside me, a story embellished by their marvellous talent. I wish to thank them for that!
Mircea Cornisteanu


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