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Creative workshops: September 23 – December 16

Every Saturday

10:30 -12: 00 The universe of painting – Florina Mitrea
The painting workshop will be the place where children, on paper, glass and wood, will be able to explore various techniques in which to express their desire to bathe in the sea, surrounded by sand and gulls, and to climb a mountain path , to the coolness and shade of the fir trees. Drawing with the pen appears trivial. To stretch brush color can be simple, but by associating stories with techniques and giving them a direction, children together with parents manage to discover beauty in everything.

12:30 – 14:00 The magic of the dowry hands – Gabriela Ionita
The course is intended for children aged 5-16 years, being a pleasant, useful and educational way to develop creativity and imagination.
Children will learn to make decorative items, clothing accessories, all kinds of multiple uses, learning to use techniques such as paper manche, napkin technique, spanish paper technique, Ebru, soap making plus other unconventional techniques, and more little used in us.

Entries are made within the limits of available places at or by phone 0733 331 324 (Ramona Filip).

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