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Public interest information

Contesting modalities of the Authority or public institution decision in the situation where the affected party has been adversely affected in his rights to access the requested public information.
According to the provisions of Art. 21 and Art. 22 of Law no. 554/2001, regarding the free access to public information, the aggrieved person has the right to submit an administrative complaint to the institution board at creart – The Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition, Municipality of Bucharest, within 30 days since the designated employers of the institution took good note of the refusal, explicitly or tacitly, in order to apply the provisions of Law 544/2001.
In case it is considered that the complainant is affected herein regarding all his legal rights, the complainant shall direct complaints and initiate contentious proceedings before the district Court or the Court assigned to creart headquarters.
Any complaint may be submitted within 30 days since the expiry date laid down by the Art.7 of Law no. 544/2001.

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