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creart – The Creation, Art and Tradition Centre is a public service subordinated to the Municipality of Bucharest, representing the inheritor of the County Centre for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, founded on 1957. creart has the mission to fulfill the cultural needs of the community through offering various cultural products and services: national and international festivals, competitions, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, civic education contests, cultural and artistical workshops.

The activity of this institution revolves around the promotion and capitalization of cultural tourism mirrored by local-interest, such as customs, popular traditions and Romanian cultural values, and also around stimulating creativity in all cultural genres: literature, music, popular and plastic art, photography and art cinema.

creart supports the identification of cultural roots, beyond fashion and time or present-day consumerism. Therefore, we show our audience the rebirth of the natural, of beauty and tradition by spending a quality time. A special place în creart activity is occupied by programme contents stressing the educational and formative side or the research.

The activity of The Creation, Art and Tradition Centre of the Municipality of Bucharest includes the following points of interest:

  • the development of tradition in contemporary period, make use of its full potential in the cultural life, stimulation of the popular creation process in all artistic genres;
  • the research and evaluation of the reality of urban culture phenomenon;
  • the promotion of traditional and contemporary cultural assets inside the national and international chain of values;
  • the organisation of festivals, competitions, exhibitions, shows or other events aiming to put popular creation on the map.

Although authentic popular values cannot be faithfully restored in the urban space, we regard our mission to preserve, research and restore the old popular traditions and creations to the public from Bucharest, as a fundamental base for the great culture.

 creart Organizational Chart

Organigrama creart

Organigrama creart

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